This product was designed by Al himself with the help of Owner to create an unbeatable product that will hold strong for even the biggest catches

Comes rigged with your choice of color and size

1.5oz rigged with 5” Whip-it fish

2oz,3oz, and 4oz rigged with 6” Whip-it fish


Al Gag's latest invention, the Whip-It Fish is not your average soft-plastic swim bait, the dual action head and paddle-tailed style look so amazing under the water that fish can’t resist . The 3" and 4" are made from premium hand poured molds which promote better swimming action. The Whip-It Fish come in four sizes in a variety of colors to work in any given condition.

The interchangeable heads come with super strong mustad ultra point hooks and are compatible with our Whip-It Eels.