Holiday Basket

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Have a fisherman on your holiday shopping list?

The Al Gag's Holiday Basket is the perfect Gag Gift featuring the latest gear packed with a good supply of replacement tails and interchangeable jig heads.  Check out the new Bleeding Whip-It Fish series, cast our killer Fluke Rigs, go stealth mode with our limited edition Sandee Eel and more to reel in the best deal of the year!  Shipping included in price!

Holiday Basket Includes...

Rigged Lures
(2) Eel Fluke Rigs
(1) 4oz Fish (one rigged Fish + extra tail)
(1) 2oz Fish  (one rigged Fish + extra tail)
(2) Sandee Eels (one rigged Eel per pack)
(1) 2oz Eel (one rigged Eel)
(1) 4oz Eel (one rigged Eel )

Extra Tails
(2 packs) 4" Eels (3 tails per pack)
(2 packs) 6" Eels (3 tails per pack)
(5 packs) 6" Fish (3 tails per pack)

Extra Jig Heads
(1) 3oz Head (2 heads per pack)
(1) 4oz Head (2 heads per pack)