Al Gagliarducci

Al "Gag" Gagliarducci is known and well respected throughout the East Coast as the inventor of the now famous Whip-it Fish and Whip-It Eels soft plastic lure. Al has a long history in the fishing industry. He has been building and designing custom lures since 1978. (Mambo Minnow, Floating Rattling Popper, Mr. Bunker and many more). Al was one of the first people in the 1970's to put a through-wire into a wooden Needlefish. He was also part of The Great Snow Blitz that happened on Block Island and had many fishing encounters with the late Tony Stetzko, one of Al's very close friends.

Al's passion for making better lures stems from his love of fishing and the knowledge that there is always a little room for improvement. Drawing from his many years of experience out on the water, Al knew he could design a better product that would not only meet his needs, but the needs of avid fishermen and women throughout the county and now the World! Today, Al has a full line of custom lures and you can find Al speaking at fishing shows up and down the East Coast.

Marie Beinvenue 
Co-Owner/Vice President

Also known as Al Gag's better half, Marie is a driving force behind Al Gag's Fishing Lures. Marie is a highly respected medical professional, enjoys spending time out on the water with Al, and has become a very good angler. 


Brittany Paquette

Brittany is the youngest member of our staff and has been fishing since early childhood. Her passion for fresh water and salt water fishing is equal. She is an advocate of teaching and taking the younger generation fishing, in hopes that they will grow up feeling the same way she does about the outdoors; to use it, enjoy it, and take care of it.

Melanie Paquette

Melanie is an avid angler and outdoorswoman. Whether she's fishing from her kayak or a charter, Mel will get it done! On the water or in the shop, she gives it her all and shows dedication in all she does. 



Mimi Dimauro
Pro Staff

Mimi has been on the water her whole life. Fishing her summers and early childhood in Rockport, MA, Mimi found herself fishing out of small boats with a drop line. As time went on, she met her husband Russell Dimauro, and that's when her real fishing began. As their lives continued together and they developed their home on the Cape, their fishing adventures blossomed. They met Al Gag, and their fishing experience changed again. When Mimi isn't selling homes as a successful realtor, you can find her on the Cape Cod Canal doing what she loves to do; fish and promote the Whip-It Fish.


Russell Dimauro
Pro Staff

Russell has been fishing a very long time. You can find him in places like Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod Bay, and one of his favorite places, the Cape Cod Canal. When he met Al Gag, and started using Al's Whip-It Fish, it changed Russell's success rate on the Canal. He will tell you himself "I use to go to the Canal hoping to catch a fish, now I go to the Canal expecting to catch fish. I owe it all to Al's products." It has totally changed his game for the best. His success rate is incredible!

Timothy Griffith
Pro Staff

Timothy Griffith is a 100 Ton Master Captain who owns and operates the Middlebank Sport Fishing Fleet; the 72’ MIDDLEBANK II and the 33’ MIDDLEBANK III out of Captains Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, CT. Captain Timothy has spent his life fishing the Western Long Island Sound. He takes great pride in not only his ability to catch fish, but the knowledge behind why he can consistently catch. Weather, tide, and moons play a big part in the industry and Captain Tim is well versed in them all. He is exceptionally talented in the art of Bucktailing Fluke and Jigging Blackfish and is very innovative when it comes to tying bottom fishing rigs. Captain Tim is not only a skilled angler, but a seasoned mechanic and waterman as well. He has run commercial fishing vessels, built docks, built boats, and laid moorings. He will tell you that the 'Whip-It Fish' has added another dimension to his fishing.

Stephanie Griffith
Pro Staff

Stephanie Griffith is a 100 Ton Master Captain who owns and operates the Middlebank Sport Fishing Fleet; the 72’ MIDDLEBANK II and the 33’ MIDDLEBANK III out of Captains Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, CT. On any given day, she can be found snelling hooks, tying rigs, preparing bait, filleting fish, repairing tackle, and sharing her love of fishing with as many people as possible. She can also be found on her dock catching Striped Bass on 'Whip-It Fish' as well. Captain Stephanie has spent the last two decades perfecting and improving on her techniques to specialize in fishing the Western Long Island Sound.

Doug Lyons
Pro Staff

Doug's people skills are second to none. His career in the restaurant industry provides a great base for customer service. You can find Doug on the Cape Cod Canal, or several of the Cape Cod beaches, doing what he does best; fishing. So make sure to stop into our booth during show season to welcome Doug to our team!

Becca Bradley
Pro Staff

Relatively new comer to the sport, Becca provides new energy, a cheerful smile, and great customer service. We are very proud to have her aboard. She is rapidly becoming a very proficient and successful angler. Please help us in welcoming Becca to our team by stopping by our booth at upcoming shows!